I Am The Foosball Champion!!!

All I know is that I’m awesome… and this is why…

Julien and I went to go practice some golf at the driving range this afternoon (by the way, I still utterly suck at hitting golf ball with a driver of any sort). We also played on the “short game” area (pitch and putt) which we both ended up being pretty good at… Well at least better than I was yesterday.

I ended up having dinner over at his place, and helping them break in their new glorious BBQ pit with marshmallows and beer.

Now to the good part… Julien’s roommate Scott is basically this unbeatable Foosball android where if you can touch the ball once the entire game you are doing well (I would guess he hasn’t been beat at Foosball since the 1980s). So of course I got suckered (again) into playing Foosball against Scott, only this time we each could only use our left hand. Anyway… long story short is I beat him DOWN 11 to 9.

Take that Scott!!!!!!

How do you like me now?!?!?!?!???

Oh my god, I’m awesome…

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