How come there isn’t any good options for a high definition digital video recorder? TiVo doesn’t have one, Windows Media Center can’t do it, etc. The only one I’ve run across (that didn’t end up being some home brew Linux setup) is the one built into some of Mitsubishi’s high-end TVs.


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  1. Hi Definition camera’s are *really* expensive.

    High Def is what Lucas shot the new Star Wars movies on – I think he was one of the first guys to shoot such a high budget film like it.

    This of High Def as more of a substitution for film, not as an enhancement on DV/MiniDV camera’s…

    Having said all that though, A search managed to find this product…

    Aparrantly it’s “World’s First Consumer High-Definition Digital Video Camera

    Are you talking about editing or just viewing High-Def.
    I’m *pretty* sure that Premier Pro has High Definition support huilt in if it’s editing software you’re looking for.

  2. could try coupling Viewsonic’s HDTV reciever box with a shuttle XPC. that should do it. I can’t really think of any easy, less-than-a-pain-in-the-ass ways to do it though. hmm. how silly. But then, maybe it’s a comprimise that the HDTV manifs hammered out with the MPAA. about a year back the MPAA tried to get some kind of ‘network’ flag bill motion accross with the FCC. Something about making it so that a consumer could *not* record video from tv, either via network or cable/satellite…i read that on Afterdawn…a good newsletter for those in our generation. =P

  3. You have a lot of options for high def DVR’s your cable company may offer one, you may be able to hook a high def tv tuner card up to your cable line and pull in HD content without a digital box, cablecard is coming for the pc.

    check http://www.hdbeat.com for more info

  4. Shawn-
    Tivo has and HDTV DVR, but it only works with DirecTV. The problem is that DirecTV is going to be changing
    to MPEG 4 which isn’t supported in the HD-TIVO – at that time, I assume DirecTV will have their own HD DVR
    and start replacing the TIVO’s. I have two and they work great with DirecTV. I also have Cable HD-DVR’s which
    are horrendous. Check out Tivocommunity.com. Very good site and informative.

  5. Yeah, I don’t really want one that is bound to a specific service (cable or DirecTV). I’m hoping Microsoft can get the DMCA stuff worked out so they can add support for it into Windows Media Center (I even say that as a Mac guy, because it’s pretty nice).

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