HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

If you are buying an HDTV anytime soon, make sure it has at least one HDMI connector on it. It’s pretty much the new standard for connecting audio/video (and soon computers) together. It’s built upon the older DVI interface, but it adds digital content protection for the content owners (keep the studios happy) and also carries audio on the single cable (DVI does not). The lack of content protection on the current HDTV signals is the main reason there are no realistic options for HDTV DVRs yet (see previous entry).

Another nice thing is it’s backwardly compatible with DVI (also Type B HDMI is backwardly compatible with dual link DVI connections).

You can also get equipment to carry DVI/HDMI signals over fiber optic cable, so if your connected equipment is more than 25 feet or so apart, that is the way to go.

Now for my complaint (heh)… What would be really nice is if they just do away with the physical DVI/HDMI connector, and go straight to fiber optic and basically putting the DVI/HDMI <-> fiber optic equipment inside the TV, cable box (row whatever else you are connecting).

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