Google Earth KMZ Files

Google Earth lets you generate .kmz files by right-clicking a marker and saving it. Pretty handy, but I wanted to be able to adjust the tilt and direction the default view comes up as, so I poked a little bit (well not that much… heh). The .kmz files are simply zipped .kml files (which are just normal XML). So it’s pretty easy to manipulate them.

My only complaint is that you can’t have multiple tags within a single .kml file (Google Earth will barf and give an error). I also tried to put two .kml files within a single .kmz file with no luck (only the first one was shown in Google Earth).

Anyway, for those of you with Google Earth installed, I made two little .kmz files that will plot my old and new property at Cielo.

5 thoughts on “Google Earth KMZ Files”

  1. The new plot’s got a real nice view, not to mention a bit more acreage. How old is the sat map of the area Shawn? My “estate” (LOL) shows a car in my drive that I sold at least 18 months ago…

  2. Hello Shawn,
    Could you please tell me the procedure to make a kmz file like the one that shows your lot. It is ok even if you kindly point me to the right source, a page or article on the web, for me to learn the process ?. I am a novice GE user.


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