Bam Margera, Steve-O and Chris Pontius

I’m not much of a TV watcher, but Wildboyz and Viva La Bam are pretty damn funny. Don Vito is such an idiot on Viva La Bam, that I’m not sure if I’m supposed to laugh and this guy or feel sorry for him (although I usually laugh).

Anyway… the whole reason for this entry, is not because I care enough about any TV show to actually write about it in itself. But I had a dream last night with Bam, Steve-O and Chris in it. For some reason (you know how dreams are), I left my Hummer running with the keys in it in some ghetto alley while I went to a friends house. To my amazement, someone stole my truck.

Okay… that sucked, so now I’m walking home (which is some weird dry river bed) where I find Steve-O stabbing iguanas and laughing because he thought it was funny (it wasn’t). I ended up grabbing Steve-O and biting his pinky off to see if he thought that was funny too (he didn’t). Then all of a sudden, I see someone driving my Hummer through the riverbed (it was Bam and Chris looking for Steve-O). I don’t really remember what happened after that, but I remember being pissed off that Bam stole my Hummer. What a dick!

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  2. You guys are so homophobic. What do you really have to hide? I bet when you guys dream about guys, they are not fully dressed like they were in Shawn’s dream. heh

  3. Wow im so glad i found this. I am a HUGE fan of Bam (i call him my husban) I love him to death and would do ANYTHING to meet him. I have seen videos of him and he intruges me and he is to die for. I was wondering how to go about getting a autographed piture odf him. I dont know where to start. Please HELP!! Katherine
    [email protected]

  4. What’s with all the “Bam is the hottie” crap? He’s a punk. I’ll tell you who deserves the adoration…Chris Pontius. Yum Yum. It must be a burden to be that gorgeous.
    As to your dream, more power to you and your creative brain. And even more power to you and your ability to be an over-sharer. Just teasing.

  5. bam is the freekin hottest freekin guy in the freekin world excuse my french, he is so hott, i luv skaters, yumyumyum! oooo he is fine! sry, just had 2 make that known!

  6. I fucking love chris, that mother f*cker is hotter than hades!!!rock on chris! whenever you are ready to marry me, let me know! 😉

  7. I love Chris so much I want to lick his sack while he fills my mouth with his seed. And I AM gay.

  8. Bam is so sexy!! I would let that boy do anyhting his heart disires to me!! and I would show him things he has never expeirenced before!!!

  9. i love bam i would do anything to meet him i have to be the biggest fan of bam there is… everything of mine has something to do with bam…. its actually kinda sad…… i admit it i am obsessed

  10. So.. pretty sure there is like no chance of me meeting im. but i would really like his autograph at least. He hears everyday that he is cool and hot and a amazing skateboarder, so ill leave that out for a break. but all viva la bam, jackass, and wild boys. i am girl and not everyone expects that from me. lol. So thats my story its intense, i know. i do what i can lol. k well .. awkward. byes

  11. yeah i so want to met him maybe one day i will.b/c my friend cousin is butterbean ya no from the jackass movie. so maybe he can hook us up

  12. fuck you all!!!! bam is mine you can go crawl back into your mama’s ass! i am his biggest fan if you know what i mean!!! fuck you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Bam is a friggin moron!!! I do not get why anybody likes this douche. he is not funny aqnd his schtick got old real fast. Anyone seen his heman music video? yeah, Bam is a fucking ass muncher if I ever saw one. Fuck Bam and fuck his fans!!

  14. BaM is a fuckin faggot. You sucked him off in your dream, then tossed Steve-O’s salad.

    Have you watched Jackass 2 ? he tried to ram a dildo in his asshole and he got a dude’s package branded on his asscheeks.

    He is SOOOOOOO GAY!!

  15. Hey my name is Josh and i just wanted to say that i love to watch jackass because i get to see guys’ balls and dicks and asses and what not. It just gets me arroused.

    Hey alycia and Brittany!

  16. I also really cannot understand everyone’s fascination with Bam. He beats on his poor father constantly, mouths off and disrespects his mother, and treats them and his friends like shit. I don’t find that funny at all, he’s a fucking rich brat douche. He’s the only one of the Jackasses who seemed to genuinely enjoy hurting other people. To me he just seems cruel and mean-spirited. Plus nowadays, he’s let himself go. I endured an hour of Bam’s Unholy Union to see nothing but Fat!Bam consistantly putting his fiance down and berrating her for anything, especially when she tried to show an interest in what he was about. Psh, great guy there.

  17. bams a fucking maniack he has survived jackass movies and sk8e boarding

    hes fucking awsome!

  18. OMG OMG OMG u cant put stevo or johnny down they fucking hot i love thim to bits they are soooo kool and imi happy tht johnny and melanie seperated huh shes ugly and she doesnt deserve him they are both mine so u other girls tht lyk them u can go get fucked cuz they are both MINE!!!!!

  19. You know “Joey Boots” He prolly’ is abit Bi’sexual but that doesn’t mean he’s a Faggot, god just calm down People. All you dumb ass Preps out there saying he’s yours can go to hell, he’s mine!!!!!!!!!!

  20. That was an Example of Retardationess… “He’s mine, He’s mine!!”, He isn’t yours! he’s that ugly bitch’s! -.-‘ His wife, w/e. You all have a 1% chance on ever meeting and fucking Bam Margera. And if you ever do get that chance, I envy you, greatly.

  21. Ive Been watching cky and jackass along time and yesh bam is hot and I would suck his dick if he let me. Bam holla sexy.
    ~dragon boy.

  22. hey!!

    I love jackass and yesterday a had a fucked up dream about bam….a took the plane to new york……and i just walked on the street and then a met bam margera and we went to his house and fucked him up…..hahahahahaha..a really fucked up dream….nonono i just jokking with you guys…………

  23. BAM MARGERA HE LOVES TO FUCK …han gillar Ă€ven att röra om i grytan………………we were at the youth recreiation cemnter today…..and the leaders was tottaly retarded….they throw us out as normally….so know we have to sit here and suck at ours dicks ….dueschanmandic

  24. omg i f*ckin love chris ! he is def. the hottest guy ever! and if any one ever f*cks with him i will beat some a**

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