Computer For Your Car Dashboard

Okay dude, this thing is pretty cool. It’s a full blown computer packed into a double-DIN sized chassis. the thing is made by Infill (a Korean company). I still have a hard time believing they fit it all into the chassis without a hide-away unit, but it seems like they did. It’s basically a tiny PC and includes 40GB hard drive, DVD drive, TV tuner, GPS, voice control, USB ports and even an mPCI slot. Rumor has it you could even install Windows on it if you wanted.

The site is in Korean, but you can find it over here:


Not only that, but the default GUI on it looks like it’s pretty awesome, and it’s cheap (compared to other car stereos with GPS/navigation)… around $2,300 USD.

Since the thing has a GPS and Internet connectivity built into it, and the $20 version of Google Earth has support for GPS, you could install Google Earth on it and have that be your navigation system.

Damn I want one of these!

5 thoughts on “Computer For Your Car Dashboard”

  1. Wouldn’t you rather have a Car PC or a linux version Dash PC?

    I started with the simple system, but I figured why not go all out and put an expandable box in your ride. Then you can pull up and pillage 802.11 signals when you are out and about, use your bluetooth phone as a modem, or sync with your home computer when you pull into the driveway. I am sure you can expand that in-dash deal, but I would want it all to be out of site.

    One thing is for sure…you need one. 🙂

  2. When did research for USB ports on car dashboards start. Was it ever patented or is this a technology that anyone can capitalize on

  3. hi sir please i need the proper link of the product ( car dash board computers ) company contact or its website so i can chek for further information and purchase
    thank you.

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