I Love Gas

One thing I have noticed since I started driving a Hummer is that when you are driving, everyone is really nice (much more so than my Toyota truck). Probably because people are scared you are going to drive them over.

There is one rather funny exception to this though. Small cars (I’m assuming the drivers are pissed off that people drive Hummers) are the only cars that have cut me off (and they do it a lot) since I’ve had it. Doesn’t matter what kind, but they all probably get 40 miles per gallon. I’ve seen lots of Geo Metro, Ford Focus, Honda Hybrids, etc. up close lately. 🙂

Personally, I wish the Hummer got better mileage, but regardless I think it would be funny to have the following license plate (the California DMV website has a pretty cool tool for building a license plate and checking if it’s available, which is where I made it). Although that’s just asking for an angry hippie to key your car. heh

Someone already has that license plate BTW. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Love Gas”

  1. haha, thanks for getting me in trouble at work. I read the hippie keying my car, then pictured him (her) reading the plate and being so pissed off that they keyed my car.

    You need to try to find the owner of that plate and get it for the hummer, even for a day. Or, use your photo editing skills and make it fly..

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