Random Quotes

So I found a draft post for this blog from about 3 years ago that I forgot to post (oops). Better late than never, right? 🙂


arguing with another girl about how I found a plane ticket for cheaper:

“He’s a programmer, how can you expect me to compete with that??”
{name withheld (because he’s a bitch)}
“My wiener is so small you would need an electron scanning microscope to see it.”
Bobby (talking about his Blackberry Pearl)
“i slept w./ my phone last night

made amelia sleep on floor

she was pissed

but who cares – can I use her as a Bluetooth modem??? turns out, i can – but slow as hell”

6 thoughts on “Random Quotes”

  1. “So I found a draft post for this blog from about 3 years ago” :)))))

    🙂 i am posting to do not ban me for multiple accounts(he…he…) in your forum 🙂 you’re ban me for more 3 months 🙂

    anyway, i am still your fan 🙂

  2. Dont know how to contact you so commenting here in your blog, why DP is not opening here in india? data base error is showing from this morning i’m not able to access the forum, please do something so we can enjoy DP. thanks


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