Spam Blocker Works!

Okay, so I decided not to blog for 2+ years to see if the spam blocker thing I made would work, and sure enough it did… After 2+ years, not a single spam comment got through… I’d say that was pretty good, eh?

On a better note, I have 2 years of life to write about now… stay tuned… 🙂

12 thoughts on “Spam Blocker Works!”

  1. i’d forgotten you existed and i’m not sure who you even are, but i’m subscribed to your blog for some reason 🙂

    whatever happened to the RIAA lawsuit? last thing i remember was they’d just sued you and you were going to fight it all the way.

  2. Wow long time no see Shawn. Glad to see that your back blogging again it was always interesting to read your blogs 🙂 So is Winn and Sims still annoying you?

  3. Hmmm, 2 years, not a problem. It’s seems as if you weren’t interested in your own blog, but it was my imagination. Anyways, glad to see you’re back. Also, you allowed my comments through, and my name is Spam ! 🙁

  4. lol, i can’t believe, you are posting again 🙂
    and good to know the spam blocker worked, but akismet works fine too,

    but please, don’t take another 2 years of vacation to test it 😮

  5. I have a feeling the spam blocker has something to do with user-agents because I tried to post from my g1 and it wouldnt allow it (though I know ua’s can be faked)

  6. I thought I saw a real porn post a few months back. Not a comment but an actual “post” that had porn links.

    I thought somebody hacked into your site.

    Or was I dreaming?

  7. WTF. You disappear off the face of the blog for two years, sneak back in and get like 10 comments. Haha…Do you think some of these people checked your blog everyday for the last 2 years, hoping you would come back?! 😉

  8. yeah there was either a hacking or something a miss, look in the thread that some one made on DP about the adverts disappearing from DP , there was a convo about the thousands of links in the source of this blog to porn sites.

  9. Nice job on the blocker, now you have to develop copyright protector for your DP Forum? Thousands of members are stealing product and selling there, which I think is pretty bad.

    Go check thread number 1633083, it was flagged and still active. You should get your man to delete it.

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