29 thoughts on “World’s Smallest House”

  1. My kind of guy but kind of extreme. I like the quality. Reminds me I have to throw away alot of stuff. There was a good architect/builder back in the 50s that figured out that a well organized sane house needs a minimum of 500 Sq. Ft. per person. But on acreage.

  2. They are getting $30,000 to $50,000 for those when they are just little trailers tricked out with wood and fancy finish and porch.

  3. Wow, you made it yourself or you employed someone?

    Just lovely!! I know a guy from Borland about your age who made a wooden house on a big tree back years ago…..I mean how cozy is that! :]

  4. Shawn-
    How about spending some time on the Optigold support forum? You have a lot of angry customers who want some of your attention.

  5. I don’t see what the big deal is, just go to San Francisco and you can see thousands of houses this size, but of course they’ll cost you $2,000 a month in rent. (Sarcasm Implied)

  6. Hmmmm, why did the 1,000,000 seconds only post disappear? Does that mean Shawn is still out there?

  7. Hey Shawn, I know you’re busy, but I really need to talk to you about something. Could you please please leave me an email? Please?

  8. Mr. Hogan, I may be looking at a lawsuit from the MPAA, must like yours, alleging that I downloaded a single movie – which I already own, by the way. I know this is a shot in the dark seeing as you haven’t updated this since May of 2007, but I thought perhaps this might find your ear and you may be able to give me a little insight into how best to fight this thing if it comes to that.

    Best regards,

  9. Hey Shawn, I don’t know how frequently you check this blog anymore, but I really need to get in touch with you brotha! 🙂

    My partners and I have been banned from DP, we share an office that has only one IP for all computers, so I’m sure this is the problem. I’ve tried contacting [email protected] several times with no luck… We would really love to resolve this man, DP the BST section is a huge piece of our business, it’d be great if you could help us get back into the game! Hell, we’d even be willing to pay to get back on there!

    Please help us straighten this out, we all got banned for having duplicate accounts, when we only have one DP account each, we just all access them from the same shared network.

    Also, I will be in your area in May-June, if you have some time I was wondering if you could recommend some good disc golf courses around there?

    thanks for your time man!

    Andrew DuVal “DuvalEnterprises”

  10. Nice House but if you are able to visit India I can show you house 1/3rd size of this and people more than you can imagine.
    So its not the Worlds Smallest House for sure.

  11. ha!ha!ha! I like your posts. Thanks..I’m not done reading them all yet, I’ll be back later.

    Keep it up, it’s entertaining. 😉

  12. I guess Shawn isn’t updating this site anymore? Has he moved on to another site? Anyone? Bueller? 😎


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