Maybe No Less Spam?

The comment spam on my blog here was getting to the point of just being silly… around 4,000 spam comments per day (breaks down to about one every 15 seconds 24/7).

I decided to try and do something about it so I don’t have to weed through them manually (the time consumption on this task is one of the biggest reasons I don’t post as often as I used to).

So let’s see how it works… if you see me posting more often, then you know it worked. 😉

58 thoughts on “Maybe No Less Spam?”

  1. I was getting about 500 per day until I changed the name of wp-comments-post.php to wp-comments-post-nospam.php and ensured that in my .htaccess file that all requests for wp-comment-post-nospam.php had a referer from my blog. Down to 20 a day now

  2. Curious what the “thing” was if that is something shareable with the rest of us but not enough to tip off the spammers.

  3. I guess the reason I was bothered about your blog being inactive is just the long history of the Shawn Hogan Fan club. It is over 10 years evolved…..maybe 13, I can’t remember.

  4. The spam is totally wordpress related. My blogger blog gets maybe 1 spam a month and my wordpress blogs get hundreds a day (and my blogger blog has way more traffic)…

    Glad you at least figured out some sort of fix!

  5. Seems like you did your thing on the php side as html seems wp standard. I’ve never had a wp blog but if I did I’d probably change the form variables, c’mon might aswell tell us what you did?

  6. Yes, I came here just to post a comment and see what the new trick was. How disapointing! Maybe there is no trick at all. Maybe you are just playing with my mind!

    I agree that comment spam blows, and for every system that is out there to combat it, there is an enterprising mind trying to beat the system. I don’t blame you for keeping the tactic quiet.

  7. The Askimet that you say Shoemoney uses, is not something that HE uses, it is in default of every single WP install as plugin, you just need to activate it. You guys are giving just too much credit to that Shoe.

  8. Glad to see that your magic fix seems to be working.. I was having a REAL problem with spam, and finally decided to try Akismet – I don’t know what I was waiting for, this plug-in is fantastic! It catches 99% of the spam, and I still moderate comments so that other 1% doesn’t sneak by me. 🙂

  9. nice to know this blog, i know from DP as a new comer.
    is my comment SPAM? he..he..i think not because u will visit unknown language blog and i’ll get nothing.
    just nice to find yours here. i’ll visit often 🙂

  10. speaking of spam, as a good faith measure I raised concern about a post on digitalpoint forums. in perfect taste, i told the OP “i hope you die” only to have my post removed.

    miraculously, the original thread wasn’t touched. i also recieved an infraction for this incident. i brought the issue forward in a respectful manner to the mods attention and chicago guy (dp mod) replied saying

    1) its against the rules to say anything negative about someones for sale ad, which according to the rules posted it isnt, also something i didnt do, and on top of that it wasnt a for sale ad. the OP was just posting links to 1 million email addresses to be used for spam.

    2) he said its against the rules to complain of an infraction which again, i could find no such rule.

    3) i PMed the chicago guy mod, and in a very respectful manner told him i believed DP was a more responsible place than this and 2) he should read the rules to get up to date on them himself.

    a short time later i check my email, find ive now been tagged with 10 some odd infractions (all from this chicago guy im sure, because i told him he should read the rules) and now im banned from DP until 2008.

    i intend to bring this issue before DP owners, mods, and the blogosphere. this was a blatant abuse of power on the mods part and DP should not be condoning spam activity like this or supporting it.

  11. This is the first time I’ve been to this blog :p
    I didn’t even know it

    I’m curious to know what your “thing” was ? 🙂

  12. Try Askimet, it’s built into WordPress, which makes it perfect, and, more importantly, it really works :p
    – Use an API key from for best results 🙂

  13. WHAT?? I can’t spam your site with 99,000 posts about my cheap viagra, cialis or canadian pharmaceuticals???
    Whats this world comin to?
    Great work bro, I can only hope to reach your level of success someday.. How about a free sitewide link on dp? 😉

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  15. Hi,

    lsn man I have tried to contact you through digitalpoint, the forum, here, but I couldnt find any ways to contact you so I had to post this comment.

    my account in DP has been banned by mistake, I can explain why if you can mail me using the mail I posted here.


  16. The internet has definatly changed.

    Maybe in a few years we won’t be able to use it anymore because of an outbreak.

  17. Hi Shawn,

    Just wnated to let you know that all emails listed on digitalpoint forums are not working. I cannot register to your account and cannot contact support/webmaster. Please fix this so users can register and post back here to let me know. Thanks.

  18. Is there anyway to contact Shawn? I have a problem on DP and if I could get some help on that I would really appreciate it.

  19. Shawn, i’m interested in some code you did. Could you please call me at 281-678-4773. I’d like to discuss you doing some work for me.



  20. Shawn, I would do anything to be able to meet you face to face, so I could knock your ass out. Seriously, Digitalpoint has fucked me so many times. The whole thing is corrupt, and most of the admins and mods are fucking with members and scamming money. Here they are protecting their friends topics and making sure that they make a million.

    Then on the other side they are attacking others. I’m sick of this.

    You think you are off the hook because you don’t run it anymore?

    You are responsible because you created it. No matter how far you run you will never be able to get away with what you have done. Because of you, there is 100,000 getting ripped off and being raped my corrupt authorities at your forum.

    I want to be in charge of DP. No questions asked, and IN CHARGE. I’ll show you how to take care of a forum. Give me one year and the internet world will be a better place because I’ll fry all of the scammers out of that site.

    Justin Giroux
    [email protected]

    If you don’t contact me you better hope that I don’t get rich because I swear I’ll cut your throat for what you did.

  21. hey shawn
    u r the administrator in digitalforums right?
    i wanted some help
    its been more than 5 days since i registered and activated my account there. but i havent got the confirmation that my account has been verified. and i cannot post anywhere and by anywhere i mean everywhere not even in the welcome thread. why so?

  22. Problem with this is you come from a search engine your automatically flagged as a spammer.So the chances of you getting genuine members is very limited.Use wordpress plugins like akismet,works like a charm and you wont upset your members or future members 🙂

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