I Think I Got Free Gas

Either the mechanism to measure flow through the gas pump was messed up and gave me free gas, or I can’t do math…

My truck holds 32 gallons of gas. I was *very* empty (it would be a stretch if I had 2 gallons in the tank). Anyway, I fill it up and the pump stops at 20 gallons, so I start it again and it immediately stopped again (like the tank was full). So I check the gas gauge in the car and it shows as being full.

So either my gas tank shrunk by 10 gallons, or that gas pump just gave me ~10 gallons of free gas. Weird…

8 thoughts on “I Think I Got Free Gas”

  1. You didn’t hit something did you? A mate ran over a tree stump and dented the tank. His parents couldn’t understand why it took half the amount to fill up.

  2. dude get you, indicator in the tank checked out, sound like you are getting a false reading ..

    Hummers arn’t the best built vechiles (duck)


  3. I drove enough that it should have been empty… so unless my car’s indicator died and it all of a sudden started getting unbelievable gas mileage out of the blue…

  4. My guess would be that your gas gauge is very pessimistic and read empty too early. The benefit is that you shouldn’t run out of gas because you’ll think you’re empty long before you actually are.

  5. one time when i filled up it left it about 1/8 empty, and kept turning off, so i thought id go to a different gas station thinking the pump was the problem. when i got to the next station and started pumping that pumped stopped right away too, leaving me standing there looking like a fool after having pumped only 5 cents worth of gas. so i topped it off to a quarter and went inside and paid. kind of embarassing

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