Chargers Send 9 To Pro Bowl

The Chargers sent more players this year to the Pro Bowl than any other team in NFL history (the previous record was 8 players). 5 of the players going to the Pro Bowl this year for the Chargers are going to be Pro Bowl starters as well. Another 5 Chargers are Pro Bowl alternates.

3 thoughts on “Chargers Send 9 To Pro Bowl”

  1. Shawn. I live in Indy and I’m a big Colts fan. There is no question that SD has a better squad this year and in nearly all cases, if the SD played Indy, SD would prevail. But I have this optimism about me. And, although the Indy defense is about as good as a pee-wee team, I have this feeling that unlike last year, Indy is not going to choke. Car to take a $1.00 bet that Indy could role SD?

    I’m fully prepared to eat these words, I will have you know. But, that’s my $00.10.

    Now, I have not seen anything new on the Winn/Sims fiasco. Is there any way you could do something to stir it up a little for them (us)? Perhaps something just slightly inflammatory? Perhaps you could h-link some adult material to the site?

    When is the trial for MPAA?

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