The Passion Of David Naylor

I would just like to thank David Naylor for confirming (against my will) that I find no enjoyment in kissing another man. God damn Brits.

I think it might be the only time in my life that my tongue has touched another man’s tongue. 🙂 Tastes a bit like a buffalo burger. Blah…

Shoemoney avenged this deed by beaten him down at thumb wrestling. Oh wait, I think that was before…

(I ripped off the name of this post from Shoemoney, but it seemed the name was a bit more appropriate for my entry. heh)

16 thoughts on “The Passion Of David Naylor”

  1. lol, you just posted on ur blog which i believe gets a good ammount of traffic that you kissed another guy, and not just lip kissed, you went french and busted out some tongue action!

  2. So when I tell Vicious about this incident she tells me that monks was not home because he was out on a date with Shawn! I am so confused.

  3. HAHAHA ..

    Dude you are so gay,, I wasn’t going to tell anyone we kissed and used our tongues ..

    and you did taste like buffalo 🙂

    PS when do I

    a) become the Mayor
    b) find out waht the hell summer did ..
    c) become a mask hero


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