Hilton In Chicago… The Good, The Bad & The Weird

The good part about the Hilton in Chicago is that it has nice marble floors. The bad part is this place has Internet that costs $35 for 5 hours of use, and then when you buy it, it doesn’t work anyway, so in reality this hotel has “Internet” that doesn’t work for a cost that works out to $168 per day. And by “not work”, I mean it actually doesn’t work (for about 3 days now).

The weird part of the Hilton is the 5th floor… Somehow Vanessa Fox ended up on the 5th floor (not really sure how that happened) and said it was weird. So of course we (Randfish, Jen, Shoemoney’s sister [hah] and myself) had to go (the elevators don’t go to the 5th floor, so we had to take the stairs)… and yes, it was indeed weird and semi-abandoned (all the lights where on, and room doors were open, but the rooms were kind of tore up). Some others (I wasn’t involved in this) went up there and found out that the mini-bars were all stocked and unlocked, so I guess for some people that’s a good thing about the Hilton (free snacks and alcohol).

Either way, all the good and weird stuff isn’t enough to outweigh the fact that this stupid hotel doesn’t have Internet that works.

8 thoughts on “Hilton In Chicago… The Good, The Bad & The Weird”

  1. The only thing more agrivating than booking your stay at a hotel that claims Internet (so you can run your business from anywhere) that is not really available…is being charged for it anyway.

    On a similar note…I was in the Imperial Palace business center using their Internet and went to print out our South West boarding passes…all prints cost .45 cents unless you are printing a boarding pass; they cost $4. I guess that is the only negative thing I have ever experienced at the IP.

    Note to self…the Hilton in Chicago is spooky.

  2. Where was Shoemoney thumb wrestling from then?
    If you took the thumb wrestling challenge and won, that would go some way to paying for the phony internet charges.
    Either that or sell mini bar products on ebay. =P

  3. Whoa, the 5th floor of the Hilton sounds like a scary movie set up. They lure you in with free booze and snacks and then…

    Any how, I’m telling you, the extra $50 a month I pay for internet anywhere I have cell service is SO worth it. I have them remove it from my plan and then re-add it anytime I’m going to be traveling.

  4. Hey Shawn, not only have I been in that hotel (and many other so-called fancy places in Chicago), I have successfully stolen my Internet access from them. I put it all in my magazine at http://www.oddree.com. I also published a shorter article in the last 2600 magazine.

    Love your Blog man. Keep em coming.


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