Chargers vs. Raiders

I went to the game today, and dude… the Chargers looked like dog do-do as far as how they played. Lucky for the Chargers, they only need 1 player to play well (LaDainian Tomlinson). The Chargers scored 3 touchdowns (2 in the 4th quarter), with Tomlinson rushing for 2 and passing for one. I guess if you are going to have an off day, the Raiders is the team you want to do it with.

7 thoughts on “Chargers vs. Raiders”

  1. I watched the 3rd quarter…and was sickened, not by the fact the chargers may loose this one, but by the fact that they were going to loose it to the Raiders.

    For everyone reading this from outside the US or if you aren’t into football (i’m not into it really), its not the Raiders that I hate, it’s the Raiders fans (minus CK); they dress up in halloween costumes to go the games…silly asses.

    Chargers didn’t take it back until the 4th quarter. Nice work LaDainian.

  2. Yeah yeah I wish I could hate LT but I can’t. Regardless, sadly, we all know… that freaking call was WACK! 🙂

  3. C.H.A.R.G.E.R.S all day every raider fan that wakes up in the morning and dresses up in that gay ass raider outfit to sit in their car drive to the stadium get all hype with the other fans just to watch thair team lose…….all I got is one word for ya DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha fuck the raiders combos all day im from philly but who fucks wit the EAGLES any more CHARGERS 2 THE DEATH!!!!!!!!!

  4. CHARGERS 08 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS sounds good all i got to say to all the so called CHARGER haters is get your popcorn ready fuck the team you like get wit a winning squad and all you raider fans stay off the CHARGERS dicks when they when the SUPER BOWL cause i know how ya’ll get just stay over there in JOKELAND and maybe ya’ll can riot after the CHARGERS come through and blow ya’ll the hell away you know what just dont get all dressed up just come wit ya’ll little jerseys cause it will be easier to stomp when ya’ll lose besides those big ass horns i mean spikes.FUCK THE RAIDERS AND THEIR FANS

  5. hahahaha chargers win a super bowl? i think the browns will probably win one before the chargers ever do if ever hahaha what a joke they had best record and all loaded on offense and defense and still couldn’t win it all, san diego is just a loser town that will never win any major sports championships with all their gay bandwagon fans who only come out and talk shit or root for their teams when they are actually good so stop talking shit about other teams and their fans because at least they aren’t a bunch of gay bandwagon/fairweather idiots who disappear once their team is on the downside and actually sitkc to being loyal fans in bad years like raiders, dolphins, packers, cowboys and 49ers fans have stuck with teams and those are real fans and teams who will have something a stupid wannabe chargers fan will never have and that’s sbeing able to say their team has some super titles and thats plural with an “s” hahaha chargers wont even be able to get to that point much less get one title so have your fun with making playoffs and pro bowlers but as long as you never win the title, chargers will always be a bunch of losers, hell even the rams and jets have super bowl titles hahaha dumbass chargers fans

  6. forget the damn raiders i don’t really dont like them
    i am a cowboy fan but i do have alot of respect for the
    chargers i no they can win a super bowl, but anyways
    forget the sorry raiders

    p.s. i am going to beat the undertaker at wrestlemania

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