7 thoughts on “David Blaine Magic”

  1. Hahahaha! That is great! It’s just my opinion but I don’t like him or Chris Angel. Those guys don’t do real magic. All that stuff is rigged.

  2. it was a little hard to sit through the entire thing…but it got really good at the end. wait til they see what’s in their asses…

  3. I met David once here in Vegas. I was down on Fremont Street. Trust me, nothing is rigged. What he does is some freaky shit, believe me.

    To give you an idea. He turned my HOT Starbucks Coffee into pennies (they were hot also). He actually levitated me off the ground while I was on my back. He had me pick out a card (King of Spades [he didn’t know]), threw them at my chest, and the King was stuck to my back. Mind you I was wearing a jacket, and a shirt (which was tucked in). He is amazing. Also note it was an actual deck of cards (brand new, unopened).

    What he does is beyond magic.

  4. How tall am I? I am 5 ft Ace of Clubs!

    So funny had to watch it again.
    The 2 participants remind me of Colin & Justin, 2 really camp Scottish interior designers, pretty bad design actually.
    Surprisingly, I could only find the above link of them on YouTube.

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