Wolf Stove – DF606DG

I picked appliances for the house a few weeks ago, and I ended up with a pretty cool stove (I ended up with the 6 burner, 22″ griddle configuration).

The best part about it is this:

Certified by Star-K to meet religious regulations

Huh? Must be a Jewish/kosher thing I’m thinking… {shrug}


This will be great because I should be able to cook up some bad ass Top Ramen with this thing.

6 thoughts on “Wolf Stove – DF606DG”

  1. I hope you use it.
    My brother went all out in getting the best cooker he could afford,
    cutting back on stuff so he could get the kitchen of his dreams,
    and what does he use it for?

    9p noodles! 😀

  2. Bulbboy….I will be cooking on this thing like crazy…but only because it “meets religous regulations…

    this cooking appliance (stove, cooker) is sick…them there gonna be some delicious top ramen

  3. That’s the same stove that Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado, Once Upon A Time in Mexico) has… bad ass, dude – great choice.

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