Las Vegas -> San Diego -> Phoenix -> San Diego

That is the route I took to get home from Pubcon in Las Vegas. It was a very odd route by the airline. Got on a plane in Vegas that was a direct flight to San Diego (and supposed to get to San Diego at 1:05 am this morning). Circled around San Diego for about 30 minutes, then we flew (and landed in) Phoenix, Arizona (another state), that way I could catch an 8:30 am flight to San Diego from Phoenix. 🙂 Fun!

(too much fog in San Diego to land)


Just as a FYI, if you turn on your cell phone in-flight, the plane does not drop out of the sky. I turned on my phone so I could text message my ride that we weren’t landing, and to go home, and it didn’t crash the plane (and the text got through fine too).

Update 2

I spliced together the two actual route maps that Brian posted in a comment. A very odd route to get from Las Vegas to Phoenix… “Oh, let’s go check out San Diego before we go to Arizona…” heh

6 thoughts on “Las Vegas -> San Diego -> Phoenix -> San Diego”

  1. America West Airlines “Cactus”
    Airbus A320 (twin-jet)
    Mc Carran Int’l (KLAS) – San Diego Int’l (KSAN)
    Then click on the ‘Track Log” to get Latitude & Longitude position of the flight.
    and Click on the blue MAP to get a bigger image.

    San Diego Int’l (KSAN) Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l (KPHX)

  2. Monks; Plane? Back in the day, rumor had it that Shawns Grandpa was a jetfighter pilot and a damn good organist. Funny how the quiet guys do good stuff. I’m seeing Shawn flying down to P.R. in his leased Lear with me pissing my pants trying to keep it off the leather seats.

  3. I told you that you should skip your flight and stay for the rest of Greg Boser’s birthday party 😛

    And speaking of weird routes, Air Canada wanted to route me (on the west coast) to Las Vegas via Toronto, ON. That would turn the 3 hour trip (usually Victoria, BC to Seattle to Las Vegas) into about a 14 hour one.

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