UFC 64

I went to Vegas this weekend for UFC 64 at Mandalay Bay. I’ve never been to a UFC fight before, but man they are bloody. This is a picture of the second to last match tonight. Uhm, can I have some blood please? Thanks.

(The guy being picked up actually started with white shorts… no joke)

7 thoughts on “UFC 64”

  1. this one looks incredibly bloody…from the ones I have seen (on tv) they aren’t all this gnarly…i guess you just lucked out

    have you seen how much money these guys make? check it out over here, they do it for the love of beating the snot out of each other….i guess I just wasnt born with that chromosome…

  2. Those fights are amazing! My friend is training for this right now but he fights tinker style so he is use to it.
    I am more a cage/madmax style fighter myself:-P

  3. The purse money the UFC publishes is not the full story for the top guys. The featured fighters on the card get a percentage of the PPV take. The top guys are clearing 7 figures a year easily (Rich, Matt, Chuck, etc.).

    The lower guys are probably underpaid, but they are doing it to get a shot at the top, or they just like to fight : )

  4. Erik…if you are at the top…you deserve to get paid. Glad to hear those guys are raking in some cash. I am not trying to spread the sensationalism, i don’t think.

    Bulbboy – Gnarly = Adjective meaning impressive used as slang by surfers; actual definition is “used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots; “gnarled and knotted hands”; “a knobbed stick” .

    I prefer impressive.

  5. Monks,
    I guess I would have found this gnarly [impressive] a while back,
    but I have turned into a wuss of late.

    My body mostly feels gnarly [old & decrepit] 🙁

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