11 thoughts on “Google Code Search”

  1. It was new a couple of weeks ago. Somebody has a site comparing the amount of swear words in asp vs php already.

  2. Dude, life has ground to a halt. Deepdish looses 100% of the packets, it’s dead! Get your hung over ass out of bed and give 40K nerds their life back!

  3. I’ll have to claim lost income now, considering 90% of my blog’s traffic comes from DP. This man is seriously not happy, expect a bill of 7cts for compensation.

  4. Yar. Tell me it’s not down for good and that you have a backup of the database if something went wrong. I’ve just realized that I completely rely on DP for my income, and without it I am in serious trouble this month.

    I wish I was hungover…

  5. shawn, you have some moderation time in this blog of yours…i was completely thrown off by all of this non-relevant contents. I was expecting to read about Google Code Search.


  6. Yeah, did you not get the vbulletin annoucement, loads of people complaining because you can read the vbulletin source code if theres backups on your site

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