Correction And Apology

On August 25, 2006, I published some information that turned out to be entirely false. I sincerely apologize to those of you that I inadvertently mislead with this post.

In that entry, I stated that I didn’t get stitches from my surgery. But new information has come to light this morning that now leads me to believe that I did indeed get stitches. This information came from the surgeon that did my surgery. I attended my post-op checkup this morning and I made an inquiry about the lack of stitches and he stated, “You have stitches, but they are under the skin. The last stitch was tied off and cut at the skin, so you can’t see it.” While I have not actually cut myself open to examine myself to see if I indeed have stitches, I don’t have any reason to believe he would have lied to me about it.

Again, I apologize for disseminating false information.

4 thoughts on “Correction And Apology”

  1. (They really do use superglue in surgery. I have used it. It is a sterile version. I think it is or used to be called Nexaband or Dermabond. Kinda cool stuff.) Did you get the stitches out or do they dissolve?

  2. You can use regular superglue when you are at your house. That dermabond stuff cost a TON and just has a snazzy applicator and tube.

    I know many people who have used regular superglue for some nasty wounds! The #1 thing is to make sure the wound is clean before closing it up.

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