…Unless It’s Night Time

It doesn’t work so well inside a dome at night with the infrared illuminator on. 🙂

If 2Wire’s crappy router would let me remotely configure it, maybe I could open up the ports on the firewall so I could get into the camera configuration…. but no, I have to drive there. So dumb.

5 thoughts on “…Unless It’s Night Time”

  1. Nice!
    Call it “art,” print 100 of them super-large format, sign them (with a scribble) and charge $3,000 each!!! w00t!

    “I see the pain and confusion… his frustration clearly comes through… oh, the pain he feels! Maude, I must have this!”

    Sorry, I got a little carried away… 😎


  2. You would need a *monster* IR illuminator to light up Shawn’s house^H^H^H^H^Hmansion – from what I understand, most of those don’t work much beyond 20 feet or so.

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