I’m Free, I’m Free!

Okay not really, but I did get out of my home for the first time since Thursday today (because of my surgery). It was also the first day I was able to shave and take a shower.

It still hurts to do much beyond laying in bed/on couch though.

2 thoughts on “I’m Free, I’m Free!”

  1. Damn man that sucks I feel you. I haven’t left since Friday, and am going back to the doctors today to get new medicine!

    Grrr it sucks feeling cut-off and helpless.

  2. Funny how they tell you its a tiny little surgury. They forgot to mention that most everything your body does centers around the unbilical. My clue was when the Doc gave me a huge bottle of bad ass pain pills. “Take these dont call me”. I had to reinvent how to get out of bed and put on shoes. Then he tells me it can hurt for a year!

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