DynDNS for 2Wire Products?

Anyone know of some super awesome secret way to make a 2Wire Internet gateway also act as a dynamic DNS client? Since it’s a FTTP (fiber to the premises) gateway and not a “normal” DSL modem, I’m pretty sure I can’t just swap it out with something else that supports DynDNS.

The little I poked around the web interface, it seems pretty decent, other than no DDNS support. 🙁

In case anyone can help, the one I have is a HomePortal 300 series residential gateway.

4 thoughts on “DynDNS for 2Wire Products?”

  1. Even before I needed DDNS, I tried to enable SSH or other stuff with it just to mess around, but never was able to (I’m sure there is a way if I was persistent enough of course). But that link you just posted gave me some other ideas… it says it has DDNS support in the camera (of course that’s probably only going to work for it’s non-routable IP address). But I could probably use one of the mechanisms it has for contacting the outside world (DDNS, NTP, etc.) to just hit one of my servers with a custom script that does what I need.

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