Wow, I’m Fat

I (almost) fell out of my chair yesterday because I’m such a fat ass that my chair broke. It didn’t just “break” either. The four welds held just fine, just the steel itself wasn’t strong enough to hold me, so the steel was ripped out where the welds were holding it together.

Oh well, it was 11 years old, but I loved that chair. It’s much harder to sit in it now because you have to keep your balance. Maybe I should get a new one…

15 thoughts on “Wow, I’m Fat”

  1. I actually had a similar chair that I’d bought from Office Depot. It met the same fate. I’m just thinking that they aren’t made all that well, but damn are they comfortable.

  2. Holy Crap, the chair is dead. We should have a service for it or something. Lets do it like the Norse and set it on fire and through it into the ocean….please.

  3. I remember when your mommy bought you that chair. It was back when you were a poor programmer with no job :(. Luckly you have a job now (sort of) and a personal assistant to go chair shopping for you…


    I can relate
    I’ve been breaking chairs since high school….

    The latest accomplishment is a big office chair with SIX supporting feet… yet I broke two of them….

  5. wow im so fat last week i shut down the buffet. and the bad thing was i was still starving. . so then i headed to another buffet but i wasnt allowed there anymore:( then when people want to see me suffer they feed me a SALAD;( EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. i hate those .

  6. Haha this is the randomest thing i’ve ever searched on google. But im sure your not fat. Maybe the chair is just old&rusty?

  7. im fat my body have 98kilogram wat can i do i wald like my body to be 60 kilogram the people told me you are so fat
    im 16 years old

  8. I’m so fat i walked in the grocery store with high heels and walked out with flats.

    Damnn, i’m hungry

  9. hey all!! im going through a hard time right now with my body and idk what to do, all my friend say that im skinny but i no im not, i tried everything, what should i do?

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