A Ditch

So had the “pre-construction” meeting today with the HOA. Everything looks a-okay, and we are cleared (finally) for full blown construction.

I meandered up to the site after the meeting, and the half ditch is now a full ditch, with conduit pipes and gas lines in it even. The more interesting part is the basement digging should be underway on Monday, and the basement should be completely dug by the middle of next week.

Speaking of all that crap, I finally got around to ordering the network camera that I’m going to install at the site. I also ordered a dome for it (which arrived today, but the package was missing the transformers… nice). I made a PHP class/API for the camera (to control it and all that), so maybe later I’ll post it here once I’ve had some time with it to test it in real life. Now we just need electricity at the site (which should be soon).

3 thoughts on “A Ditch”

  1. You don’t need to order a network camera, remember? Shawn and I are going to hang at the construction site and boss people around. We’ll only leave to get snacks. Hmm….we really like snacks, so maybe the camera is a good back-up plan.

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