I’m Alive

Okay… I was able to recover everything from my corrupt FileVault volume and convert my home directory back to not using FileVault. The only issue right now is I’m running on 1 hard drive, not 2… but at least my computer is alive (with all my junk).

4 thoughts on “I’m Alive”

  1. It’s like condoms… there is pro and cons for both situation…

    My notebook contain few ‘storage data’ but a lot of login and setups informations necessary for when i’m travelling. I’d prefer to have a thermite self destruction device inside the hard drive in case it’s stolen, but meanwhile Filevault does the trick…

  2. The other problem with FileVault is that it doesn’t REALLY protect though. If you access a file, it decrypts it and leaves it on your hard drive, so if someone took an image of your hard drive and really wanted a file, they probably could get it from the last time you had it opened. To do it right, they really would need to overwrite the decrypted version rather than just delete it (a delete on a hard drive just removes the file pointer, not the file itself).

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