USB Puppet

If you are *really* dorky you can now get a USB puppet that stands up when your friend comes online via IM and “dies” when they go offline.

I kind of want one of these actually. 🙂

5 thoughts on “USB Puppet”

  1. good times. i always look to your site for a good laugh. Thanks for the laughs and keep up the great blogging. I love it.

  2. WTF?! That puppet freaks me out 🙂 Imagine having one for each friend in a list of 20 or more 🙂 It would be like a “punch that monster” game 🙂

  3. ^^ Forget having one for each friend. Become an installation artist and have one for each active member of the forum. Just think about it: over 10,000 puppets in a room, definitely a site to behold.

    Puppet targeting would be much better than Geotargetting. 😛

  4. Isn’t there a limit of 256 per USB port? Would cover all of Shawns new garden with hubs… Might be more for Alek – those interactive geeky things.

    Availabot 2.0 will actually speak the words you type apparently… Imagine, 10K + availabots hooked up to DP chatting…

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