Random Email #25

Another random email…

ple make me a member of orkut

One thing that is really nice about this email (and the last one), is that people have started to say “please” (partially anyway) when asking me to do their bidding of odd tasks. Unfortunately I don’t own Google (not even any stock), I don’t work at Google and I don’t even know anyone that works at Google. So I can’t get you an Orkut account. I hear Orkut is kind of lame anyway, and is mostly just Brazilian users conversing on Portuguese anyway (really).


Wait a minute, I thought about this a little bit… aren’t most of the super-hot models coming out of Brazil lately? Maybe this guy is on to something…

Speaking of that, does anyone else think it’s odd that they all seem to have fraternal twin sisters? She does (Alessandra Ambrosio) and so does Giesele Bundchen (Giesele’s sister is better looking than she is too).

Good genes down there… 🙂

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  1. Speaking of that, …. uhhhhh what??? dude are you still talking because I stopped scrolling at the bottom of the window…. 🙂

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