I Hate Networks

“Hate” is a strong word, but in this case I think it’s appropriate…

I’m so f’ing sick of trying to screw around with network/routing problems with the new servers that I’m thinking about selling all my computers and going into construction.

Trying to fix arp routing issues is more than I ever wanted to know about networking… For example:

Jun 17 10:31:38 lb1 /kernel: arp: is on em1 but got reply from 00:07:e9:xx:xx:xx on em0
Jun 17 10:32:13 lb1 last message repeated 63 times
Jun 17 10:34:13 lb1 last message repeated 157 times

Well that’s just super awesome… how about you just stop replying to the wrong network you little bitch of a server???!!?

The problem is that server A needs to talk to server B, but only THROUGH a local “gateway” (the gateway is a hardware load balancer). So fine… Server A goes through the gateway no problem. The gateway talks to server B no problem, but then server B tries to respond to server A directly (since it’s local) instead of going back through the gateway, and then server A doesn’t know where in the hell this incoming traffic is from because it never talked to server B (directly) to start with.

Computers are gay sometimes.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Networks”

  1. mmmmmmmm me thinks you are getting into the construction business, kinda a huge first project at that. Never thought I would ever hear you diss your computers. Time for a round of golf.

  2. If you want your servers not to communicate with each other direclty you should use vlans that way you are sure that all trafic betwen them goes trought your router (load balancer in this case?). In order for computers in different vlans to communicate to each other a router is needed.

  3. I tried VLANs on the switch already. It isolated them okay, but the problem is the two NICs in the blades were bridging the VLANs for some reason.

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