17 thoughts on “Rodney Mullen Video”

  1. this rodney fucking mullen. creator of more than half of the tricks today. skateboarding will never be the way it is today without this guy.

  2. Al: lol!!: ))

    My personal opinion that he’s 11 out of 10.
    He really is somewhat the founder of some very basic tricks…

    Does Kick Flip ring some bells?

  3. i definitely think you are short changing him with the 6. either that, or all the guys i’ve seen before are a 2 or 3 max…

    this guy rocks.

  4. this frickin guy deserves a 100/10 he’s the best free style skater known on the planet…….. oh ya, he also invented 3/4 of the tricks known today, and is the creator of the immpossible.

  5. I’m not a skateboarder anymore i got into drumming but Rodney was the founder of mostly every trick there is today without this guy skatedboarding would be shit right now at least 8 out of 10 personally 10 out of 10.

  6. Rodney Mullen is is the Grandfather of all skaters. The founder of the Kick flip. He invented all the tricks that the other pro use for their basis for all of their trick. So all their tricks are belong to Rodney. They are one their way to perfection. Make your time. Rodney was skateing and creating tricks all though the 80 he has won 34 out the 35 competitons he has been in. In the style of Freestyle and later street staking as well.

  7. dude u guys are frickin crazy this guy doesnt need a watever out of 10 hes the freakin founder/creator of the boards that we ride to day. he had the idea cuz’ he wanted to ollie to do some tricks but the boards were flat likt this ______ and so he made a board but curved the edges so he could get pop and do some tricks. I also almost won a couple months of training from him but i had to be 18 (im only 15) and in addition to the training u got to live in this thing next to his house but i was freakin raped (means got owned in game/competion) by this guy that sent in like a million things and won. it pissed me off so much i snapped my friends brand new deck but he just pulled out a new from his duffel bag and put it on. but anyways if i were rodneys son i would so be owning the sk8 park here in my home town HALF MOON BAY CALIFORNIA the coolest little town ever also pumpkin capital pf the world. but if any of u go on to eBay look for 650 decks cuz its me and my friends sk8 co peace out to all u kick @$$ sk8er’s

  8. rodney mullen is a fucking coon he licks my balls… now im going now to molest a cat

  9. ok… if any 1 doesnt give him the perfect score ur either an ungratfull bastard or u dont skate cus rodney mullen invented sooo many tricks and ur obviously poser if u dont think hes good cus more then half pros cant even do the stuff he does

  10. really think som dumb ass dude is kust jealous of rodney dis dude deserves a 10000000000/10 rodney is clearly d best skater in the world

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