Full Body Teleportation System

Hmmm… John Quincy St. Clair has filed an interesting patent with the US patent office back in 2004. A “Full body teleportation system”. He must have also invented a time machine and traveled back from the future to file the patent. 🙂

View patent filing here

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6 thoughts on “Full Body Teleportation System”

  1. Keeping an open mind, he may have patented this for future generations, and if built upon his patented theory, if someone does in fact make a teleportation apparatus, his great, great, great grandchildren will be the recipients of the money. We may be closer to this then we think ….it’s just not for Star Trek anymore.

  2. Actually patents expire in 20 years (or less, I don’t remember the exact time), so by the time this thing gets made, nobody is going to get the money.

  3. Anyone notice this little quote:

    It was this experiment that resulted in making first contact with the androids of the Grey aliens who told me, in a remote viewing session, that “We saw you blowing smoke into hyperspace.”

  4. Have you guys heard about the teleportation system in the human body system? Ut us a relatively recent discovery where nutrients are teleported in and out of phagocytes via tthe teleportation syustem.

  5. Ok, so maybe I don’t really believe the quote. But I looked over the patent and it seems pretty well thought if you ask me. I’m trying to build a time machine and I need all the help I can get. Anyone know how to generate antigravity?

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