Average Homeboy – Denny Hazen

I think this guy might actually be serious…

You can thank Julien for bringing this glorious video to my attention. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Average Homeboy – Denny Hazen”

  1. This really is an amazing video and I am glad that we can share it with everyone. I only hope that others will appreciate it as much as you and I because you can really see what he is trying to market. Infact… after hearing his audio demo I was indeed “blazed!” He really isn’t trying to be anybody he’s not, he’s just a middle class guy trying to express himself…
    We have so much to learn from Denny (AKA Average homeboy).

  2. i just wonder how the hell these got on the internet…who got a hold of them, and i wonder if he knows lol…this stuff is too funny…he is a horrible rapper, even for his time…good try though…

  3. In response to michaella, wow.actually he wasn’t on the Kimmel show, most likely becasue he sucks. So he needs to keep pursuing, and dreaming about the person he really isn’t. UMMM. WOW!

  4. This guy is a descrace to raping I’d like to step up on stage with him and go toe 2 toe with this pathetic lil bitch hell id even like to step outside with him and give him a good old fashion ass whooping

  5. This music video made me shit on myself because it was so stupid. I was embarrased just watching it.
    I was born with the SILV3R SPOON and he isnt a nigger. So slit your throat and bobb for shit in the toilet because of your stupid moves and average whiteboy ryhmes. WHITE POWER

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