Tickets To Costa Rica

We are going to Costa Rica this August, so I bought 6 plane tickets today. Here’s something interesting… if you book 1-4 tickets, they were $439 (plus tax/fees), but if you book 5 or more at once, all the tickets were $702 (plus tax/fees).

So the tip of the day is… just buy two different blocks of tickets if you need to. Then they are all $439 (in my case). 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tickets To Costa Rica”

  1. So it’s reverse-group rates? You would think they would like it if you bought more tickets at once…

  2. Yeah, I stayed there last time I was in Costa Rica, and we are going there again… we’ll be at Tabacon August 12th and 13th. 🙂

  3. hello, I’m looking to buy a ticket to Costa Rica for the second week of August, my 76 year old mom, is getting married for the first time, and I really want to be there, the only problem is I just started my own business and money is tight right now, I am also recenlty divorced and have full custody of my two daughters, if anyone reads this and can tell me where I can get a cheap ticket home, please advice, I will forever be greatful. I can afford to pay about $600..maybe even a bit more..

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