Padres Dugout Seats

Okay… I retract my previous post about $290 Padres tickets being too high of a price. Everything is free… the best parking, all food, beer, or whatever else you want. There are servers that come to your seat and bring you whatever you want, as often as you want. We had 5 or 6 beers, steak, nachos, hot dogs, carrot cake, cookies, ice cream, pretzel and probably some other stuff that I can’t remember (you could even get sushi brought to you). There was also a secret underground lounge, bar and restaurant (all free too) that you could go to whenever you feel like it.

We were right behind home plate (we were on TV for every pitch), and even better is the game was AWESOME. Padres losing 5-0 in the bottom of the ninth, rally with 5 runs to tie it, then win in the 10th. If you really want a summary, check ESPN.

They were fantastic seats, and actually worth the $290 price.

I found some info on them over here.

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  1. Shawn- I was searching for dugout seats and came upon your blog. Also in my search I came upon someone desperate to sell their dugout tickets for this weekend- all 5 for $470. I can’t beleive it either.
    I don’t have any friends that would pay that, and I can’t afford to treat them. I thought since you had such a great time you and some of your blogees might be interested?
    You seem fairly sane, and I can assure you I have all my marbles-
    The tix are for Sat night
    Let me know

  2. I have two for the Padres and Mariners that I am willing to sell for $1500. June 9th 2007

  3. Hey shawn

    do you know where i can get 4 dugout tickets for 5/25 against the reds. or 5/27 against the nationals.

  4. Just came across this blog on a Google search. I just purchased 4 dugout tickets for the 2010 season and will be posting many of them on Stubhub, as I’ll primarily use the summer games. If anyone is interested in purchasing some tickets, please let me know…

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