Alpine KCA-100BT & PMD-DOK1 Not Shipping

Well, now that the IVA-W200 is available for people to actually get, I thought I would see about getting everything together for my new car stereo. Unfortunately Alpine’s bluetooth module (KCA-100BT) isn’t shipping yet, nor is the docking station (PMD-DOK1) for their Blackbird portable GPS (PMD-B100).

Oh well… what’s another month in what seems like the eternal wait for the perfect car stereo? 🙂

One thought on “Alpine KCA-100BT & PMD-DOK1 Not Shipping”

  1. heck !! IfI know about waiting for the kca-100bt but alpine said it was suposed to be out for sale in april and we havent seen shit about it I wonder why they don’t run a map of principal cities and higways of mexico, there’s a lot of alpine units in here and lots of us tourists too that could of give it a good use

    lets sit and wait for them to deliver

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