Alpine IVA-W200 Shipping

Now that I know what car stereo I’m going to put in my truck, I started to look around for the IVA-W200 online to see if it’s available anywhere (no point in going to a local store to have it installed if it’s not available yet). Even though none of the online retailers have it yet, the official release date is listed as “March 2006” so I decided to call a local shop to see if they know when it’s going to be available. Apparently it’s available now, but so far all the units in the shipments have been purchased before the shipments arrive. The guy pretty much said I had to pay for it and then that will put me in line for one.

I guess that’s good news to know Alpine is actually shipping the product already. 🙂


A quick check on eBay does show they are starting to show up, so I suppose the guy at the place I called wasn’t bullshitting me trying to get me to come in. 🙂

One thought on “Alpine IVA-W200 Shipping”

  1. The Alpine looks like a cool unit. I love the Ipod interface… Might want to check out the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 also. It looks pretty similar but it has a couple other cool features (like a 30 gig hard drive, voice command, bluetooth…) If you wanna check it out I just wrote a post about it on my Premium Posts blog! They are both pretty cool units… though choice!

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