How To C-Walk

I don’t even know what in the hell a “C-Walk” is, but it’s pretty funny. 🙂

First you must begin with a signature stance, something that says,”Watch Out FOOL!

After that, take a quick little breather. But keep looking cool.

You should have the proper state of mind, such as pretending you have ants in your pants.

During your c-walk, take the time to check out the ladies if you’re impressing them at all.


7 thoughts on “How To C-Walk”

  1. Crip Walk / Clown Walk / C Walk Or Waht Ever !!

    Is Breee Gurd Nd Very Fun To Do =D

    I am A Gurl So It Is Quite Unusual To See A Gurl Crippin Nd Thts Why Its Soo Gurd =D

    Ive Bin Practising Nd Got Alot Better, I Often Do Stuf Lyk That Wif My Boyfrend Becuz He Can Do A Couple Of Tha Things (Mainly Tha Bow) Lool !!

    Its Very Easy As You Get Better And Expandin Tha Moves From Wun Thing Tu Another Is GREAT =D


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