I’m A Cowboy!

After playing some frisbee gold yesterday, Julien, Jay and Paul dragged me to Incahoots (a cowboy bar/line dancing place) because on Thursday, you can get a steak, potato and beer for $5.95. Not a bad deal even if it was a crappy steak… but amazingly enough it was actually a pretty good steak too.

Steak, Spuds, & Suds – Enjoy a sizzling steak, baked potato & ice cold draft beer from 5:00-9:00 p.m. for only $5.95.

The best part about it though is it’s an absolute requirement of this place to have your shirt tucked in (out of respect for the cowgirls)… So we were looking pretty good with our t-shirts tucked in. Especially me because I had shorts on. 🙂

But whatever… I guess $5.95 for dinner and beer is worth looking stupid, so I’ll be there next week! 😉

(this isn’t us, just a picture from their site)

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