Making Kids Cry

I saw this a couple weeks ago and forgot to post it on my blog, so a little late is better than never I suppose. 🙂

What a nice dad… make your kid cry (and probably crap his pants) and videotape it for your viewing pleasure. haha

12 thoughts on “Making Kids Cry”

  1. Someone posted that game in GC and I got done pretty bad myself… It’s well thought out; right when you’re at the peak of your concentration it hits you hard. Poor kid, I feel his pain. Friggin hilarious to watch though. Reminds me of the Japanse home video shows where little toddlers whack their heads on radiators and their parents just laugh… Parents are evil…

  2. This is why people shouldn’t breed. A father intentionally traumatizes his own son, laughs as he’s crying, films the whole thing and then uploads it to the internet! That father doesn’t deserve to have a kid and the fact that this video was posted on a website as “humor” shows just how sick the world is.

  3. Agreed Anon……
    Poor kid. Father is a MORON to do something like that. Now he’ll be wondering why his boy has to seek therapy in a few years.
    I could keep going, but there are too many words to fit the description of an idiot.

  4. Seriously, why! As Anon has said, this world is sick and a father laughing at his own son crying is pathetic as well. Also, as Elaine T. has said, the kid will be traumatized by that and need a therapist. Everyone needs to be careful when raising a child, but no one ever is careful. If I was his son, I would stab my own father. Just come in his room at night and kill him, but that is my point of view and not his!

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