Prostitutes Want To Ban GTA

Hahaha!!! They want to ban Grand Theft Auto because it teaches kids bad morals. hahaha

On its web site, the Sex Workers Outreach Project USA is asking parents to assist them in calling for a ban of Take-Two Interactive’s controversial game.

5 thoughts on “Prostitutes Want To Ban GTA”

  1. i dont see why prostitutes have a say about banning gta because if they dont want to feel threatened and intimidated from the voilent scences of the prostitutes in gta they shouldnt be one then they would feel as though its that bad. they shouldnt be such things as prostitutes its wrong but the game is fun. its their own fault for being one!

  2. i think prostitutes have absolue no say in this matter! they are dirty selling their bodies and then they moan for getting killed on a game/1 i think they should become extinct.

  3. lol!!! that is stupid even tho dont care bout the game.
    If they werent Prostitutes they wouldnt need to worry.

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