Life Without Electricity

I woke up this morning and there was no electricity in my house…

“Oh yeah… SDG&E sent me a letter telling me it as going to be off from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm today.”

Gee, that sucks. No electricity means no computers, no Internet, no nothing basically. My housekeepers are coming today too… I wonder how they are going to vacuum? hah

In case you are wondering how I’m writing this… it’s a laptop connected to the Internet via my cellphone. Not quite as fast as the 6Mbit I normally get. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Life Without Electricity”

  1. Electricity is an everyday part of life. Electrical appliances have become commonplace. Household products like dryers, televisions, coffee makers, dishwashers, and air conditioners have established a new standard of living. Elevators, lights, air conditioners, typewriters, adding machines, and even the growing computer industry all demand electricity. …we need it ! 😉

  2. hi, it would be no day to begin with.light also refer to sunlight if there is no electricity there would be only darkness in every bodys life. so electricity has such an impact on every body.

  3. bak in the days people didnt have no electricty not even anything to make not even GENERATOR and the only place will be to live is in caves or somewhere else tht people no of but it really does suck to eb withotu elctricity.


  5. Well our lives without electricity would definitly be difficult seems as though we wouldn’t be able to use all the luxuries (dishwasher, microwave..etc.) but it would certainly be better for the environment. No more greenhouse gasses!!!!

  6. Reinventing how our forefathers lived and lived successfully, generation after generation, without electricity, would be a new way of life. Are we ready to take the challenge and save mother earth and all life on it, without electricity?

  7. I would prolly die if we didn’t have electricity. I wouldn’t be on this website if I didn’t have electricity…. What do you think?

  8. Life will be living hell without electricity. We depends on electricity for almost everything such as computer, and etc.

  9. Did every life only have darkness before electricity? I don’t think so. It is only a tool. The reality is who we are as people. We can still use electicity to kill people. We can use it to make life better. The attitude of our mind is what matters.

  10. I’ve lived without electricity when pregnant with my second child and my first only 18 months. I washed in 4 gallon tins over an open fire, hung my freshly washed nappies on a line strung between two trees, lit candles at night and cooked on a gas stove. We had a kerosene run fridge and to bathe we boiled water in those 4 gallon tins over the fire and made a bath in a big plastic tub. Hard work? Damn Straight!!

    and no I wasn’t camping! We lived like that in the Australian bush on a gold mine (no gold) for just over a year and then did it again when we bought our block of land to save money. I shot rabbits for dinner, skun them and cooked them (yes even when I was pregnant), and nearly didn’t make it to the hospital as the creek that we had to cross on the way to town was in flood (no bridge). We had to bring fresh water in barrel from town for drinking water and I learned to handle snakes, foxes, dingo’s, goanna’s (some 6ft long) and other creatures.

    My EX-husband even left me alone out there when I was 71/2 months pregnant for just over a week and thought nothing of it. Apparently that’s what women do.

    I have never liked camping since and my EX-husband doesn’t seem to think it was any big deal at all. “Any women would do that for her man.” he tells me and can’t understand why I divorced him with no replacement. love my life now, I have electricity and work on my computer teee heee!

  11. life without electricity would be very difficult as we can nat communicate each other .we can not play games in the computer. as there were computers,radios,tv,ac,etc.are all eletronic items. electricity is a very important in our daily lives.without electricity,the industries and the factories were stopped.

  12. well i think that my life will be a disaster without music cars light tv internet computer that will zuk that idk why im living…

  13. I think u all r just a bunch of babys who cant live without ur toys . all u need in life to be happy is(Air,Water,Food ,Clothing and shelter.lets face it us americans need to tuffen up.

  14. I got a real feel for how easy electricity has made our modern life while exercising on an exercise bike I made out of an electric generator and an old bicycle. I generate 120 watts for 15 minutes and get just as winded as in a two mile jog. I imagined having to do a two mile jog every time I ran a 120 watt appliance for 15 min (0.03 kW-hr). My monthly electric bill averages 325 kW-hr. If you do the math that comes out to over 21,000 miles of jogging every month. That is how easy electricity has made our lives. The energy comes from oil, coal, gas, or nuclear sources but electricity lets us use that energy in so many ways.

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