Restless Leg Syndrome

I saw a commercial for some drug to help combat “restless leg syndrome” where you have a tingling feeling in your legs, and you have the urge to move/shift your legs. Is this a real thing?

Why do I feel like maybe a drug manufacturer made up this “disease”?

Maybe if your body is telling you to move your legs, you should move your legs, rather than take a drug to suppress the urge… But hey, what do I know? I’m not a doctor. 🙂

It seems like there are so many commercials for drugs these days. Most to help combat stuff you didn’t even know you had. Maybe we should leave prescriptions to doctors, rather than people going to the doctor to tell them what you need to take. eh?

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  1. I have RLS. It is a very serious condition. It has ravaged many lives of the people I care about. I believed that I had RLS and now that my doctor has prescribed medication for me, I know I have a long and healthy life ahead. Thanks Doc!

    If you think you have RLS or just want to try the drug out, see your doctor.

    What a joke! I wonder what they will make up next.


  2. Did you know that doctors receive a commission when a perscription they write for a name brand drug is filled? Doctors are now just sales people and/or affiliates. Pretty low if you ask me.

  3. “Maybe if your body is telling you to move your legs, you should move your legs, rather than take a drug”

    Ok, so now what do you when you’re lying in bed and you can’t sleep because of this? Also moving your legs usually only helps for a few seconds until you have move them again. Also my legs jerk at night when i’m asleep and while i dont always wake up it does wake up my brain out of rem sleep so it fricks with my getting good sleep.

    It’s pretty f’ing annoying and if you had this you wouldn’t be joking about it.

    Here’s the offical Restless Leg foundation site with a lot of good info:

    Ya it’s not the worst thing one can have but I can tell it’s annoying as all hell. Like right now. I’m writing this stupid reply and my damn legs keep wanting to move. If you don’t move them the urge just gets worse, and worse, and worse. Not painful mind you, it’s just a damn uncontrollable urge to move them. It feels like you’ve got worms in your legs or something and the longer you don’t move them the worse the feeling to want to move them gets. If you don’t move them you’re just torturing yourself, lol. I don’t try to fight it becuase it simply doesn’t help.

    The way I’ve always dealt with it is that I’m just fidgety. I just continuously move and shift my legs around a little bit every few seconds. So ya maybe drugs aren’t the whole answer. I actually planned on talking to my doctor on my next visit to give this a try. Not planning on makng a trip to the doctor just for this though. I guess my case is just an average one. Some people have it real bad. Supposedly it’s supposed to get worse as you get older. I’m 34. If it gets worse I can see myself going insane from it, lol.

  4. No, the rest of the story goes like this. My sister told me about this years ago. Restless Leg Syndrome is a side effect of Paxel or Prozac or one of those pills that so many people are taking so they can just feel good when they don’t deserve to. Anyhow what a scam! Get everyone hooked on the “feel good” stuff but you gotta take something to calm your happy legs. Really. That is it!

  5. I have those feelings, they are called being HORNEY!

    No, I do have this. I have taken magnesium for this problem and it does help As well as getting a good night sleep. My legs with twitch. Ask my wife, she hates it. She gets woken up by my legs and then wakes me up telling me to stop….

  6. I have all the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, especially when lying down. But it is not RLS.

    It is directly related to my lower back being being out of alignment, so a good (not quack) Chiropractors can crack/and clear this pinching of the sciatic nerve, the condition is known as Sciatica.

    You may want to to lokup snapping hip syndrome as well.

    This results in a weird feeling coming around the front of my shin and top of my foot, making me want to move or twitch on its own, waking me up at night.

    My calf is often tight and so is the soleus muscle (front of outer shin)

    I have since learned to adjust/crack my own lower back, and I do so everynight with core ab excercises to open my lower back joints. Situps help also.

    Medication will only treat the symptoms of your “RLS” by numbing the agitated nerve, so taking medication over years will result in you damaging the numbed nerve and not feeling it. Not to mention side effects and the fact that any nerve altering medication will most certainly affect your primary nerve bundle, the brain.

    Medication cannot be told to go to the leg nerve and ignore the brain nerves.

    Better to stretch and get your lower back checked before taking pills. in my opinion, if you have similar symtoms as mine.

    I must concur that this sounds like a pharceutical oppoturnity to take advantage of people with lower back alignment problems.

  7. This is an old write-up, but came across it on the web and am infuriated. I am with the person that named themselves “IveGotRLSDamnIt”. If you have it, you wouldn’t be joking about it and insisting that doctors “made it up”. It is terrible. The most annoying thing I can think of. You can’t sleep, you can’t watch t.v…. and no, not a side effect of Prozac or anything else because I don’t take ANY medication. It does feel like worms or something in your legs and it’s like someone pinning you down and tickling your legs and won’t stop. Anyway.. joke all you want. I hope you all end up with the worst RLS anyone could have and suffer with it until you are forced to take meds for this “made-up” disease.

  8. I have the same sciatic nerve problem, which is pretty much the same as ‘restless leg’ when i’m trying to sleep, and also while I’m sitting, usually at the computer. If you’ve ever had your butt fall asleep while you are sitting, it’s pretty much the same thing… you have to move or get up to alleviate it.

    A bad chair and bad posture can contribute to the problem. For many, certain exercises can help, if not eliminate, the problem. In addition to getting a good chair with back support and working on your posture.

    See a doctor… don’t ask for pills… just tell them the problem and see what they recommend. Usually if it’s not too serious, it’d be going to a physical therapist to get some easy exercises to do.

    I’m pretty certain that sitting all day in a bad chair causes a whole lot of this problem. You want a chair that gives you some back support, and doesn’t put pressure on the back of your thighs all day. Putting your feet on a phone book or something to keep the pressure off your legs can help, too.

    Sitting all day on a big fat wallet aint helping there either. And a too soft matress can cause this as well. and I’d have to assume that driving a lot with the seat back reclined too far would be the same thing as slouching. some back support could help there, too.

  9. This one is a very strange condition. If you don’t have it, you’d never understand it no matter how long it’s explained. I’ve had the condition for about 15 years. At times during the year it’s bad, other times of the year it doesn’t happen for weeks at a time. From my research, it’s “possibly” due to a part of the brain not getting enough iron. Taking extra iron pills don’t help because the iron needs to build up and be stored in this part of the brain, but for some reason it won’t build up enough. It’s never woken me up, but it can take me 1 to 2 hours longer some nights to get to sleep because of it. And yes, “worms” is the best way to describe it. Try imagining being on a roller coaster and going over the top of a very high ramp to zoom downwards. Try remembering that moment of tingling in your stomach and bowels as you hit the peak. That’s kind of what it feels like in the legs. It’s not medication because I’ve had this long before I started on pills. My grandmother also had it for years, she told me before she passed away. I find that some of the pills sold do help me a little but don’t get rid of it entirely. I asked my doctor what I could do and he gave me a silly but serious recommendation. Take a bar of scented soap with you to bed. I’m guessing the smell somehow helps. It seemed to work somewhat as well but I couldn’t take the perfume smell every night and stopped doing it. For now, the “quack” pills work the best for me. They’re Quinine pills basically. I’d recommend it to anyone with RLS and see if it works for you, or you can always try the bar of soap. To those without the syndrome and mocked the rest of us, someday you may get it. What an irony that would be.

  10. i agree with dean, weeks at a time for me, and it is so anooying and i was just pacing back and forth or in circles to get rid of it.

  11. I need to find something for the TINGLY feeling that I keep feeling.

    It’s more so than an urge, it’s like a “constant tickle” in my legs when I am usually sitting.

  12. This is driving me nuts! The more I try to relax the more my legs go wierd on me. I get it once a week maybe and by the next night I’m so tired I get to sleep. I’ve been taking a cousin of Prozac called amotryptoline for about three years now and usually it does wonders for getting a good night’s sleep…. until about three months ago. I’m so frustrated ’cause I can’t rest when I get that wierd sensation. I don’t have back problems, just leg problems. I’m kind of glad to know I’m not the only one but I really don’t want to take more meds. I’ve been animic (don’t know how to spell it) most of my life because I don’t eat much meat so the low iron thing is interesting. I’m gonna go to the site and see what they recommend. Thanks.

  13. i can barly go a moment without taping or shaking my feet when i am anxious or nervous it only intensivies. i truly think it is going to drive me insane. some times i shake them so hard you can hear the chair squeaking that i am sitting on. when i try to hold them still i feel some thing like worms or butter fly from my knees to my toes then i feel numb then i start to feel actual pain .you who joke i just want to slap because you have no idea what this is doing to me mentally!!! its easy to say just move your leg but can you imagen shaking both your hand for 24 hrs straight not doing any thing else not being able to sleep or just sit still while every one just looks at you like your handicaped or some thing i’m guessing no because your to much of a ****ass to think of any one other then your self ! you have no idea wat it is like to feel trap like this!

  14. I was diagnosed with RLS a month ago… and mine was caused from losing too much blood when i had my daughter and from being anemic. I am on meds now for it, and it really does help. Not being able to sleep is really aweful because your legs tell you to move. My RLS was so bad that when i would move so much to stop the annoyance I threw out my back. This is a no-joke problem. So those of you ignorant people need to get an education. My doc is a military doc…he gets paid just like every other officer in the Air Force, he doesn’t get commision on any pills he gives out. So get a clue!

  15. Hi. I agree with the syptoms. I dont think it is that bad. But it did get me curious. Since I remember I have had RLS. I remember as a child sitting down watching tv and my legs just moving side to side at a steady pace. Next thing i would intentionally shake them faster until i got tired. Then I would stop for three seconds and instincivley begin to move again. When I get an urge to move like crazy. Finally i give in. It runs in the family cause my brothe and nephew has it. The only time I dont move is when i think about it. It is hard, but not serious. I just got used to it. We joke about it also. It wierd cause if I dont move my legs I begin to curl my toes or shake my foot or tap my foot. Also I cross my legs and shake also. Even when i am in line standing, i begin to bend my knees. Just cant help it, it feels normal/comfortable. oh well have a good day and keep on shaking. Oh try sitting by a mirror and observe, maybe you will stop smoving, I have tried and it works for like 1 minute then I begin to move

  16. I stood outside with only a dress on (20F) for an hour on New Years Eve, 2006. When I went to bed later, I had the worst leg cramps I’ve ever had. I had to jump put of bed and work the cramp out of my calves several times. Soon after (about a month) I started having this nerve-twitching in both legs. My legs aren’t moving, but inside my legs is constant tingling/movement. In August, 2007, I began having sciatic pain.
    What is the possibility it was sciatic probems from the beginning and not reaction to hypothermia. Can hypothermia cause this horrible problem ?

  17. I believe there is no such thing as restless leg syndrome but I’ve never experienced it so I suppose I can’t say for sure. I DO know; however, that one of you was correct when you stated that Doctors are now sales people. I usually interview my doctors at first initial viist and can tell in a brief period of time whether or not that doctor is going to be mine. I actually tell them, I’m interviewing them…not the other way around. If they have an attitude about it, they are not the one for me. If they have that kind of an attitude, then I think they’ve got something to hide. As far as RLS, listen…things could be much worse…you could have malignant cancer. A lot of things in life are annoying, I don’t mean to invalidate your feelings but it just seems to me yet another diagnosis of something else they can add to the pot of prescription medicines to add to thier tally at the end of the week…meaning more $$$ dollar signs. I keep things simple in my life. I DO visit the doctor when necessary but only when very necessary. I don’t visit for sniffles so I can get put on antibiotics like millions of other people in the world and I try and keep my body in shape, inside and out. I eat healthy foods (non processed) and eat whole organic foods only and no red meat but very rarely (I’d say once every 6 months) I don’t get enough iron so I take a supplment. I figure anything homeopathic worked for native american indians and our forefathers before us will work for us now. I’d be real careful about medications that docs prescribe unless they themselves have been on it for sometime. I don’t want to be their guinea pig. Obviously, on occasion people HAVE to take a medication to help if they have cancer but i’ve heard of people who just changed their diet and the cancer was put into remission. Does it happen to everyone, no but it never hurts to both western medicine accompanied with homeopathic remedies (make sure, of course there is no contraindications with the two…you can do that by asking the pharmacist…they would know more about that then your doc anyway) Contrary to popular belief, Doctors are human and are prone to making mistakes. In the end, we are responsible for our own body, what we put into it and what we want to get out of it by eating healthy and nutritious foods and taking our vitamins. Good luck in your research. I would look for a homeopathic remedy first regarding the RLS. You never know what you may find. In the meantime, God Bless and Get Well.

  18. RLS is not something to joke about. im only 16 and i have had RLS for about 3 years. its painful and its very hard to sleep. you guys have no idea what your talking about. “its made up” blah blah blah. I just wish you guys could know what its like to have RLS for just one night and then complain about it. its not fun. its very uncomfortable and irritates the crap out of me.

  19. first of all, vicious summer, your right, doctors are just sales people and theyre obviously only in it for the money. they have such an easy lifestyle and make no sacrifices, 8 years of school is soo easy. get in a car accident and have webMD get you out of that, YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!!
    second of all, robing, know plenty of people with RLS and even tho none of them take paxel, prozac, or any feel good stuff, your right also, i bet they do, theyre all just liars. if your going to make a conclusion and be SO sure of it with an exclamation point and everything, at least be right/know what your talking about/know anything at all, thats all it is, your a fucking moron!

  20. to robinq: RLS has nothing to do with Paxel or Prozac or our overmedicated society.

    To suggest Restless Leg Syndrome itself was invented by the drug companies, that people are just seeking to dispense with mere “unpleasantries of life”, this condition being a laughable inconvenience –is wrong. ok, it’s not a *major* disease, but frustrating, and only gets worse over time as patience wears thin.

    I’ve had this issue years now (started sometime after college), before I heard the term. After some discussion I’ve discovered my grandfather had it, thought he just made up a silly name for it.

    Mostly i would just tell folks i ‘didn’t sleep well’. Understandably, it caught a lot of people off-guard, became a joke by those who don’t know anything about it. It nearly become a punch line with friends, folks saying “have you heard this; what the drug companies have totally drummed up?”. Until I explained, it’s real, ~you~ have no idea. and Ok, sure, it sounds a little funny too.

    I haven’t found any lifestyle changes including exercise to directly correlate –though staying hydrated helps mute symptoms at night.

    I’ve gotten suggestions for Shao Yao Gancao Tang in granules, 3 scoops 3x/day. The alternative, magnesium glycinate / magnesium citrate (minimum dose, suggested liquid CalMag). Also read somewhere that nitrates make it worse, and tonic water might help. haven’t confirmed. I can say staying hydrated at night helps.

    I *have* tried the Hyland’s Restfull Legs, OTC homeopathy remedy, and have to say it works ~remarkably~ well, reasonably quick too. Awesome. Plus you only need to take it as symptoms arise –no changing your body chemistry as with the Rx meds. Personally, I’m not interested in the new Rx meds, you have to take daily for them to work.

  21. I have RLS and it drives me nuts. I also have insomnia, so even if i take an over the counter sleeping pill to help me sleep, i get sleepy all right, but can’t go to sleep because my legs wigging out every other second keeps me awake! I have been trying to get by with natural remedies for several months now — i take valarian, iron, magnesiaum and vitamin E and that seems to help make it go away. But, not after having suffered with it until about 2am or 3am every day.

  22. RLS is not the same as the sciatic nerve problem. Not even close. If a little tingling sensation like being asleep was all we had to deal with, life would be great. Nobody understands until they get it and then you are in the know. There is no sitting and watching TV, going to a movie, riding on a plane, sitting through a lecture, etc. Sleeping at night, forget it. So how do you go through life with no sleep? You don’t, you get medicated. Thank God for the “quack” drug companies who come up with these remedies. Move my legs because they need to be moved? I’d like to move them alright and give you a swift kick in your *&&!

  23. “…it’s like someone pinning you down and tickling your legs and won’t stop.”

    I think you lost credibility there, buddy.

  24. I’ve got this really bad and I’m interested in the connection between RLS and sciatica. I tried going for acupunture – no difference – an ostepath, however, did succeed in altering the time the symptoms kicked in.

  25. I have the same thing (and yes I don’t know how to explan it) but to me its not “worms” it feels more like i need to crack my legs stretch them ALL the time or readjust. I’m 16 now its so bad i cant drive at all since i need to crack them all the time it bugs me to no end. But i don’t have that much troble getting to bed and i do take some pills for my face and for my a.d.d and yes that chair thing since i play W.O.W a lot on my computer. but i wanted to know if there was any over the counter drugs. My mom dosnt understand it but she always tells me just to take ibuprofen for the pain of it since i crack them all the time. so plz if you could tell me if there is anything over the counter that could help i would be very thankful.

  26. I am not in favor of taking drugs when not needed. Most of my family has RLS, I am 63, with 4 brothers and 4 sisters. I have had RLS for over 40 years. My father had RLS before me. He used to be up half the night sometimes pacing. I have spent many nights doing the same. Even during vacations with my wife and three children, I would be up walking at night while they were sleeping. I would be so tired that I couldn’t keep going at times but the discomfort was so intense I couldn’t stay still. I never took any of the drugs mentioned above that supposedly cause the condition. You are all entitled to your opinions however, please do a little honest investigation of the subject before you go around making rash and unfounded statements about it. I agree that drug companies and doctors push way too many drugs on people and have a lot of control over peoples lives, but there are also some very useful medications that save people from a lot of misery.

  27. After reading through all of this Im actually starting to believe I found that which has been annoying and robbing me of my sleep for some time now. Lately its happened alot more, I lie down and then my legs have the urge to just move… and if I dont move them it just gets worse and worse. Eventhough most people here are older then me (Im 17 at the moment) I dont think this is age related, and Definately! not a joke. Its 02:36am here and Ive been up and going since midnight.. im dead tired yet my legs wont let me sleep.

  28. I have had restless leg syndrome for about 10 years. For me it’s not a” creepy crawly ” feeling, my legs will jump off the bed. Some mornings my husand will show me bruses on his legs from me kicking in my sleep. I started taking Requip when it first came out, it helps most of the time; but there are nights that I walk around the house like a zomby. It would be really nice if somone could figur out what causes it and how to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I’m 32 and started getting rls when pregnant 12 years ago. The best description I have is like the pain when your legs are going to sleep/waking up but not the pins and needles necessarily but the outskirts of that same agony. It starts in my lower calves and spreads across the front of my ankles/feet and radiates up the back of my thighs into my hip joints to the sciatic nerve deep in my backside cheeks on both sides. I am compelled to stretch my legs out long and then furiously massage my feet, archilles and heel and crack my toes intermediately between curls and basically keep moving or the wave comes
    again. Sitting and laying starts it and whether I walk or sit all day makes no difference. I battle to drink enough water regardless but iron and magnesium tabs help as well as little pieces of Xanax if I’m crying from lack of sleep and exhaustion. Vaporub and tigerbalm on the soles of feet and around Achilles do help too. I just saw an osteo who said I do have some sciatica certainly but my hips are aligned ok as I was waking unable to move my legs momentarily with pain in my lower back or sacrum. He also explained that a filter muscle deep in my pelvis was inflamed from toxins and dehydration pushing on the sciatic nerve causing this agony the same as legs going off to sleep but the throbbing not the tingles as he put it. I do take more medications than I can flush but was not on any when it began from the foetus pushing on the nerve. No single thing has worked for me but everything I’ve mentioned helps. For anyone who disbelieves, sit in a four hour movie in an uncomfortable chair and note the pain as your legs start to go to sleep before you realize they are asleep and moving gives you the pins and needles. Then as they are waking feel the aching and imagine it localized every single time you relax for ten minutes and consider how 18 hour days on your feet exacerbates the situation! Good luck everyone and the nitrates comment is definitely something as I think foods certainly affect. Nutrition is definitely the key

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