I Need A Job Title

I was thinking today that I’ve never actually had business cards before (never really needed them). But sometimes it might be handy to have them (I dunno… maybe you need something to write on real quick…)

So I decided if I’m going to get business cards, I’m going to make cool ones. But then I realized I don’t really have a job title… So you guys needs to think of a job title for me. The best one I could think of myself is “Digital Inventor”, but I want to hear all suggestions (leave a comment with the suggestion).

24 thoughts on “I Need A Job Title”

  1. Oooooh…I really like Mike’s suggestions! Now, if it was up to me, I would go with your classic “alien leader” just to throw people off.

  2. Although “Digital Inventor” is a good one, I think your business card should read:

    Shawn Hogan
    PHP Pimp


    Shawn Hogan
    Net Ninja


    Shawn Hogan
    <Body> Builder

  3. I’m liking Net Ninja, but the then I ask ” Who needs a title or business cards these days”? I always carry a fine tipped felt pen to write on body parts when in need.

  4. Don’t bother Vicious. He’s the youngest. He gets all the attention.

    As for a title. It depends. A real and corporate job title would be [b]President, Founder[/b] or [b]CEO, Founder[/b].

    If you need a funny and a more personal one, you could go with [b]The guy who actually works[/b]

  5. “Shawn” is all you need on there. Perhaps “Shawn Hogan” bu nothing more. No contact details etc necessary. Maybe the DP logo but leave the rest blank so they can fill in whatever they think of you. There isn’t one label that describe the MotU. The very need of handing out such a card is too much effort for your liking, the card needs to express that. You are far superior and if they can’t figure out how to get hold of you based just on your name… They’re not worthy of doing business with.

  6. I woke up this morning and it was clear that this was it: “WISE GUY” !!! (I win! What was the prize?) You know like everyone always talks about…as in “Are you some kind of a wise guy?” Similarly you could go with SMART ASS or that could be second in command.

  7. She’s the younger one ? Damn it. Doesn’t seem that way from afar 🙂

    Eh anyway… Just leave her 10 messages per day on the answering machine telling her about your parent’s posts in your blog. She’ll love it 😀

  8. Holy crap, Cristian! F*%$ you for thinking that I’m old(er then Shawn)! It’s somewhat comforting to think that I’m only 3 years behind the Master of the Universe, thank you very much! 😉

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