Satanist Running For Minnesota Governor

Wait, what? I don’t even know what to say about this one, but Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey is running for Governor of Minnesota in 2006.

The picture I have was taken from his campaign website. hahaha…


Honesty is very seldom heard nowadays, especially from a politician. So, I am going to break from political tradition. My name is Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey, Ph.D., L.D.D.D. I am a Satanic Dark Priest, Sanguinarian Vampyre and a Hecate Witch. My Magikal Path name is: Lord Ares.

I despise and hate the Christian God the Father. He is my enemy.

Well… isn’t that neat… 🙂 Maybe this guy can make sure that whoever stole my snowboard stuff (see previous entry) really does burn in hell.

I kind of want this guy to win, because it will be years of good material for Conan, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night live, etc. 🙂

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