Letterman Subject Of Restraining Order

Colleen Nestler of Santa Fe, New Mexico was actually granted a restraining order against David Letterman because she says he used code words on Late Night to show he wanted to marry her and train her as his co-host. According to the documents, Letterman has forced her to go bankrupt and caused her mental cruelty and sleep deprivation since May 1994.

She wrote that she began sending Letterman “thoughts of love” after his “Late Show” began in 1993, and that he responded in code words and gestures, asking her to come East. She said he asked her to be his wife during a televised “teaser” for his show by saying, “Marry me, Oprah.” Her letter said Oprah was the first of many code names for her and that the coded vocabulary increased and changed with time.

Nestler requested that Letterman, who tapes his show in New York, stay at least 3 yards away and not “think of me, and release me from his mental harassment and hammering.”

I have one word for that lady – Hahahahahahahaahahaha!

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  1. I am sending this woman some harassing thoughts right now. BET YOU CAN’T GUESS WHAT THEY ARE!

    btw Shawn, No I won’t come live with you in your new house and do lawn jobs in your sweet car. It’s a little obvious that’s what you mean when you talk about Apple and Google. GEEZ!!! STOP THINKING ABOUT ME!

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