I Could Grow To Love The Raiders

I can’t ever remember a time where I actually wanted the Raiders to win a football game, but I do believe that time is upon us. If the San Diego Chargers beat the Kansas CIty Chiefs (hopefully they will) and the Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos… then guess what?

That sets up a San Diego/Denver showdown for the AFC West title in San Diego on new years eve.

Someone needs to go digging around in Randy Moss’ butt and see if they can pull an upset out of his ass.

“Please Santa, all I want for Christmas is for the Raiders to beat Denver. Oh, and peace on earth too.”

2 thoughts on “I Could Grow To Love The Raiders”

  1. …and a few of the cars on your list.

    An Oakland victory would be sweet, but Denver is playing pretty well right now… and Oakland, well they are going to need to pull something out of their ass if they want to win.

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