Google Is My Friend

Yesterday, if someone asked me if I was friends with Google, I would have said, “Nah, we are just acquaintances… you know, “hi”, “bye” if we see each other at lunch or something.”

But today that all changed. Not only did Google send me a Christmas present (cool stuff too… 128MB USB drive, USB hub, wireless mouse, headphones with a mic, USB torch, and some other stuff), but it came in a package that clearly says, From your friends at Google.

Now that’s saying something… not only do I have *a* friend at Google, I have more than one. Damn I’m popular!

7 thoughts on “Google Is My Friend”

  1. well, if you hack google, you will find out that you will have more then just friends at google. you will have the entire google site 😀 😛 XD

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