Paris Hilton and Matt Cutts In My Dreams

I’ve been having bizarre dreams about people that I know who they are, but never met before. Last night I somehow got caught in the middle of Paris Hilton and some of her friends robbing a department store. Long story short is somehow I got sucked into being their getaway driver.

The night before I had a dream where I was at some SES show (which I’ve never actually been to one) and was talking to Matt Cutts and realized he was building a house directly next to mine and was somehow trying to convince me to install a backup data center for Google in my server room in the basement of the house. So I asked him, “Why don’t you put it in your house? You work for them.” and he replies, “Well electricity is expensive and you are going to have solar panels, so it would be free for you.”

If nothing else, Matt can unquestionably say that people dream about him now. 🙂

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